Monday, November 19, 2012

A few things....

Happy Monday!!!!

Im in such a great mood today and super excited! Why am I so excited you ask? Well first, its a short work week thank God. Second, Thanksgiving is on thursday and the redskins will play the same day which makes Thanksgiving even more amazing woot woot (die hard fan), and thirdly the blogger app was updated for iPad which made me super excited to write this post. Its the same things in life that make me happy, ya know? Haha

In other news, today officially started the TGHBPSC (thats a mouth full), and it runs until Feb.19th. My protective style for today is a bun or top knot. When Im being lazy and my hair needs to be washed a bun manifests lol, but ill figure out some other styles that i can do for the remainder of the challenge. For more info on the Protective Style Challenge or if you want to join check out

Lol i def didnt notice my dog being a creep near my arm in the pic lol!

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  1. so in love with your bun!! lol, so jealous.



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