Saturday, May 29, 2010

This week... Sincerely Kenzie Leigh :)

So this week wasnt as eventful as i thought it was gonna be but....i did do something with my life and wasnt a complete BUM!! lmao i just love sleep so much..haha!! I took some pics to show wat i did and where i went..nothing too exciting but hey its my life and it can only get better from here!

went to the park with my niece! i love her but i was tired afterward lol

looking for a job with my bro; where to start?

Georgetown on a beautiful day :-)

I love my city at night! Had to pick up my bro from the waterfront and on my way there I got stuck in traffic in front of the monument so i decided to take a pic of it. Its funny I have only been inside the monument once and i was 9 years old and I went on a field trip.I've lived here for 22 years (my whole life lol) and living in DC you really don't appreciate everything that the city has.

Walking my doggie sweetest pug ever :-)
I had a thought about making healthy and organic dog treats because my dog tends to eat everything and will gain alot of weight from doing this lol which isnt good at all so i made these natural peanut butter treats that he loves :-) i want to test these treats out on other dogs so if you have a dog and live in the DC area let me know
Welp!! that was my week and now its Memorial Day weekend and its kinda boring so far should have went out of town or something but Im going to make the best of this weekend and hopefully I will have a job next week (hoping and praying) So ill talk to you bloggers next week sometime...enjoy the rest of your weekend and be safe!!

Hugs and Love

Monday, May 24, 2010

...when you get elevated they love it or they hate it...

" i guess i can use this time as me time...let my thoughts run free and find piece of mind" -Me

Sitting here listening to "Tightrope" -Janelle Monae realizing that I did absolutely nothing all day. I guess i could call it a "ME DAY" i chilled, tweeted and figured out what exactly im going to do with my life and how I can make this HUGE impact on this thing called life! I know that i want something great for my life and I want to be able to help who ever needs it. So starting tomorrow Im job hunting because I need to travel and experience everything this life has to offer! Whether im going to these placed alone or with someone else i refuse to let anything get in my way! The rest of the week I am going to do something even if its just going to the park...I WILL enjoy this wonderful weather and the people in my life :-) taking pics for the rest of the week to show what I did and where I went this should be fun..these trips may be solo but o well...if you wanna go somewhere with me let me know hehe!


Friday, May 21, 2010

when im bored..

Taking pics and listening to music alone in my room...some of my favs things to do :-) Currently listening to Janelle Monae " Sincerely Jane" she is a really unique artist and i like her style of music. The other night she performed her single "Tightrope" on David Letterman and it was a pretty awesome performance and she did this James Brown thing at the end with a cape paying homage (rip) so go to youtube and check out the performance and listen to sincerely jane!!! :-)

-Hugs and Love

Lyrics to "Sincerely Jane"

Left the city, my momma she said don't come back home
These kids round' killin each other, they lost they minds, they gone
They quittin' school, making babies and can barely read
Some gone off to their fall, lord have mercy on them
One, two, three, four, your cousins is round' here sellin' dope
While they're daddies, your uncle is walking round' strung out
Babies with babies, and their tears keep burning, while their dreams go down the drain now

Are we really living or just walking dead now?
Or dreaming of a hope riding the wings of angels
The way we live
The way we die
What a tragedy, I'm so terrified
Day dreamers please wake up, we can't sleep no more

Love don't make no sense, ask your neighbor
The winds have changed; it seems they have abandoned us
The truth hurts, and so does yesterday
What good is love if it burns bright, and explodes in flames
(I thought every little thing had love but uhh)

Are we really living or just walking dead now?
Or dreaming of a hope riding the wings of angels
The way we live
The way we die
What a tragedy, I'm so terrified
Find More lyrics at
Day dreamers please wake up, we can't sleep no more

I've seen them shootin' up funerals in they Sunday clothes
Spending money on spinners but won't pay college loans
And all you gangers and bangers rollin' dice and taking lives, in a smokey dark
Lord have mercy on you
Teacher, teacher please reach those girls in them videos
The little girls just broken Queen, confusing bling for soul
Danger, there's danger when you take off your clothes, all your dreams go down the drain girl

Are we really living or just walking dead now?
Or dreaming of a hope riding the wings of angels
The way we live
The way we die
What a tragedy, I'm so terrified
Day dreamers please wake up, we can't sleep no more

We live and then we die, and we never know the why
So now, now we go, down underground
We think that we can fly, but we never touch the sky
So down, now we go, down underground

Five, seven, eight, two, one
It is now time, for you to come home my dear
You've been gone long enough
You must come, you must go

Monday, May 17, 2010

the boys in blue...

So bloggers....i got that thing everyone dreads getting!!! A speeding ticket..ahhh!!! FML right?? i think this was one of the worst experiences Ive had in a while smh and i have come to realize that male cops are a lot easier when it comes to speeding than females. Its this show on A&E i believe about female cops in L.A and these females are intense about there jobs. I dnt kno if its because they feel that they have something to prove *shrugs* but they are scary. But anyway i guess its about time i get a ticket..its my first one and its scary i dnt kno what to do!! Im thinkin i should get a lawyer..plead the 5th...come up with a story to tell them haha! idk!! attorney's are sending me information about my rights and things like that and im like damn i didnt kill anyone i was speeding and it wasnt that much faster than the speed limit!! YIKES

All i kno is that im broke and i cant go to too pretty lmao!! i gotta make light of the situation because if i didnt then i would probably go crazy thinking about the bad thinks that could happen to me. Geez lousie the life i chose or better yet the life that chose me! lol Until i find out my fate about this ticket ill just keep praying :-) I'll keep you updated bloggers

Hugs and Love!!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Hey bloggers!! Ive been gone for a while..but now im back! I kno, I kno you missed me, i wont do it again. Promise.

I went to sleep last nite or lets say this morning around 415 430am because insomnia decided to sneak in my bedroom window and hang around. How rude! andI woke up this morning at 645am! (i havent seen 645am in a loooong time..hello earth haha!) so pretty much I took a nap smh. Now im awake watchin Boy meets world one of my fav shows of all time and im starving and craving anything edible!

Welp! im off to find something to eat and try to go back to sleep for at least a hour but if not i hope this long day is good to me!!! ill be back later bloggers I luv you all :-) and have a wonderful day

Hugs & Love!!