Friday, August 31, 2012

Neutral Neon

Happy Friday!! Man oh man am I glad this is a three day weekend! *sighs of relief* This week wore me out so I wil def be catching up on my sleep 1 out of the 3 days we have. Kinda sad its the last weekend of summer but that wont stop me from traveling and making plans to change the climate :)  
Recently in my challenge to find different things to pair with my neon bag I chose to take the neutral route with my leopard loafers so that the outfit could stand alone without the bag. I think it worked out pretty well although my hair was not in total cooperation. Lol

Monday, August 27, 2012

Music Monday

Happy day after the weekend that everyone dreads!!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend and did as much as possible in the two days! (sidenote: we really need the weekend to be at least 3 days!*calls government officials*lol) Anywhoo I went to my friends bachelorette party at a lounge downtown called Sax. It was so much fun,there were burlesque dancers and open bar for two hours all that plus being surrounded by great friends made for a unforgettable night :) But on to the music...

Recently I have been listening to these four songs NON STOP.

1. Disparate Youth - Santigold
2. The Recipe - Kendrick Lamar feat Dr Dre
3. You Know What - N.E.R.D
4. I Dont Care - Elle Varner

I can seriously listen to these songs over and over and not get sick of them, lets just hope I still feel that way in a month or so. If you haven't heard these songs yet I think that you should definitly listen to them. They are all different in sound but cohesive at the same time, if that makes sense.

Happy Listening :)

Hugs and Love

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fall uniform

Happy Wednesday guys :) The weather has been alot cooler these past few days and I am so happy that its not humid! With the recent temperature drop, it has me thinking about fall and all the wonderful things that come with the season. My fall wardrobe will probably consist of alot of black white and gray so I created this fall uniform look of some items that I already have and some I plan to add (Michael Kors Hamilton Bag and the bowler hat). I will wear other colors but for the most part these will be my staples.

fall uniform

I've always loved this color combination and there is something so classic and chic about it to me that its timesless.

What will your fall uniform consist of?

Hugs and Love  :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Of a kind

Good Morning guys :) I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

I have awesome news (well awesome to me anyway lol.) You know that feeling when it seems like other people always win things while you sit on the sideline and watch them win? Thats me most of the time, not complaining or anything haha just saying. But sometimes you get things when you least expect it, and when I received an email notifying me that I had won a Baggu clutch SUPER EXCITED would be an understatement!! I think Ive won three things in my life (including this bag) so for me to be the winner felt kinda unreal but definitly so much more appreciated.

The contest was was given by Lyst, Bloggers night out and Of a Kind shop. As you guys know I talk about Lyst all the time lol, how could I not its such a great site. Of a Kind is also a pretty great site as well for  those of you who like to stand out out with one of a kind pieces,the items on this site are unique and only a limited amout of items are sold. In this case, the Baggu Clutch for the contest was 2 of a kind, for myself and the other winner :)

The day after I was notified they posted the winners of the bag on their blog, Lystit andseeing this made the feeling was even more real. Im such a dork but it was like winning the lotto haha.

Be sure to check out Lyst, Lyst it and Of a Kind :)

Hugs and Love :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Neon #1

A few posts ago I asked for help trying to figure out what i could wear my neon crossover bag with. I want to thank those of you who shared ideas to help me! :) 

I bought this orange maxi at the beginning of the summer and didnt know what to wear with it.  I cant remember where I saw the inspiration but the color scheme was orange pink and neon yellow. I didnt have any pink but I figured that this went together well without it.

(dress: H&M, Crossover bag: Target, Sunnies: Ray Ban, Sandals: Target)

Thanks for reading :)

Hugs and Love

Monday, August 13, 2012


Im sure im not the only one who has a problem with trying to put their entire life into their bag that isnt big enough to hold even half of what you need for the day. 

My day-to-day bag  contents consist of my phone, keys, journal, daily devotion book, iPad, water bottle, wallet, hand sanitizer and sometimes a snack and my cosmetic pouch. Putting all that into a small bag kinda sucks and most times you wont get everything that you need and/or want into your bag.

I love tote bags because they are stlyish and big enough to fit your entire important world into it. I created a Lyst collection of tote bags that are pefect for busy girls who just need space for it all!

 my fav from my collection is the is the animal print shopper from zara and for that price its def worth getting!

Hugs and tote love :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Dogs in grass. Food truck friday. Baseball. Friends. Painting in the sky.

Made for a pretty awesome week!! :)

Hugs and Love