Tuesday, August 24, 2010

a little this a little that and some outsourcing lol

So its been a while since i blogged and you def havent missing anything..this life of mine...someone has pushed the pause button on my life and im so close to pushing play but it seems that something is standing in the way. Not quite sure what it is but im determined to kick it to the curb very soon. OK enough of the debbie downer phase lol its off my chest and im better :)

Buuuuut anyway funny story of my life today..

im on the phone tryna return something and the customer service rep is prolly from another country of something (im guessing hes indian or something but idk)...anyway he told me to hold while he puts it into the system...blah blah blah...

next thing i know this man says to me " So..hows the weather..?" o_O LMAO excuse me? what just happend here? lol so im like "its raining here" hoping that the convo ends there because i really dnt feel like being on the phone and not in the mood for the small talk. He then says to me " Oh! thats good hasnt it been hot lately?" I currently have a stuck face like ok this convo isnt ending anytime soon lol and then the next thing i start thinking of is the new show called "Outsourced" lmao and how that show is currently my life or atleast for the 10 mins i was on the phone with him lol

he was nice tho haha :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shoppin and Fooling around :)

this past week consisted of me shopping and spendin some QT with my mom :) monday i went out by myself just to get out and shop alone. Its therapeutic and always makes me feel better about watever is goin on in my life. I bought a dress that i am in love with and i cant wait to wear it and a tank that says " All good things come to those that wait" i thought that was a pretty appropriate shirt that perfectly explained how ive been feeling about life these past few months!

Wed is my moms day off so we went shopping again!! lol but for food and other household items and we went to this new housing development that had beautiful and large homes for $280k not bad considering the fact that the cost of living on dc is $500k and up! but anyway took some pics!! enjoy!

my new shirt :)
me and my mom lols love her
took this while i was drivin thought it was beautiful

Shopping releases sooo much stress and anxiety about things so if you need some "ME TIME" then this is what you should do..or if not this then just get away from the troubles of life and breathe :)

Dont Forget to Smile

Hugs and Love!