Thursday, December 20, 2012


Hey hey beautiful people! Hope your week is going well, its only one more day until the weekend startsand five more days until the most wonderful time of the year! Hopefully we all will have some time off from work to relax and spend the quality time with the ones you love!

Towards the end of last month I orderd my first glossybox and I was so excited to receive it.  This past Tuesday it finally came...whew! One thing I dont like about ordering things is the wait and I had no clue when it was going to be shipped or when I would receive it.  I was notified via email that they ship the boxes the 2nd week of the month, so that eased my anticipation.

Getting the box finally was like an early Christmas, not knowing what exactly was in the box and shaking it before you open it to see if you can tell if its big or small was building my excitment.  The packaging alone was so nice I was almost hesitant about opening it. In it I received:

Zoya Nail Polish
Heartland Fragrannce Bath Salt
Ecru Acacia Protein Hair Oil
Forest Essentials Bath and Shower Oil
Pleats Please Parfum
JewelMint Necklace
Oscar Blandi Heat Protectant Spray

All in all I was pretty happy about what I received in the box and the most of the sample sizes were larger than I expected which is a plus. 

Try out the subscription for yourself if you havent already, and from now until the end of December you will get a free Glossybox blush! Click the link below to sign up and put in code BLUSH at the checkout!

Hugs and Love :)


Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday WishLyst

Hey guys! Happy Monday :)  I just wanted to create a small perosnal wishlist of somethings Ive been eyeing for a while.  I know this is the season of giving but hey, how will others know what to get you if you dont make a list of some sort?

I realized that I had been neglecting Lyst for a while so I decided to make my "Wishlyst". The items are pretty reasonably priced (except for the Alexander McQueen Jacket, but a girl can dream) and would be great for the current holiday season.


Whats on your Wishlist?

Hugs and Love :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Fitness Friday #5: Lunges

Hey Guys!! I cant believe I havent posted anything since last friday, smh and to think I was doing so well on the road to blogging at least twice a week.  Its been a pretty long week though filled with work, errands sleep deprivation, and not enough coffee.

This weeks Fitness Friday post comes from Francheska of Hey Fran Hey.  At the beginning of the month she posted her new health and fitness challenge on IG. I work on my legs either on Tuesdays or Thursdays and  I try to incorpate walking lunges in those work outs.  Its a pretty simple challenge and the benefits that you get you'll LOVE.  Doing them around the house from your room to the bathroom could help make it easier and fun (unless you really gotta go then run lol.) Another suggestion is that if you like to walk outside when you get to a hill try doing the walking lunges up the hill to switch up the exercise a bit.

You have half of the month left so lets get to it!!! With the new strength in your quads and the lift in your bum you'll be glad at the end of the month that you did :)

Lunges and Love :)

Friday, December 7, 2012

Style me Friday with Fashionista Next Door

Thank God its Friday! Im not sure what it was about this week but man am I glad its the weekend. The weather throughout the week was pretty beautiful all along the east coast, so that was def a plus. I was able to do some yard work on those nice days and get some of lights prepared for the Christmas decorations outside! Its something about spring weather in the early part of winter that brings a smile to my face and makes me want to be productive lol.

Anywhoo, last week Eboni started the Style Me Friday Link Up in which she posts a pic on Monday of the look she will be recreating and invites readers of her blog to join in on the fun! By that friday you share your recreated version of the look that was posted and the following week it starts again. If you are familiar with her weekly Style Me Friday posts then you already know that this girl has great style and her creations are pretty cool. This week's inspiration was a Utility Vest and Leather pants which is pretty simple to recreate into your own and it doenst have to be exactly like the inspiration post. 

I didnt have a Utility Vest so I opted to use my utility type jacket (but after this post it kinda made me want to buy one, how cute?), and although my bag isnt a plum color the shape of it is very similar. As for these "leather" pants with cotton side panels, I bought them about 1-2 months ago and have never worn them *sigh* but I guess participating in this allowed me bring these babies out! 

Old Navy Sweater| Target Jacket (old)| Zara Bag| Target Leather Pants| Arturo Chiang Booties (old)

This was a super fun post to do and pretty easy to recreate because I already had the items in my closet!! I feel it gives you a different way to look at the clothes you already have and pair them with so many other possiblities. I hope you guys try it out next week!!

Hugs and Love :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Guy Holiday Gift Guide

Every year around this Holiday Season I struggle with what I should buy my dad and brother.  Lets admit, as easy as it may seem to get the guys in your life just any old thing with hopes that they will be satisfied with what you got them isnt so easy and with past experiences if they dont like it it wont be used. Whenever I ask my dad what he wants his typical answer would be "Oh it doesnt matter, surprise me!" Thats probably the worst answer you could give me and if I dont have some kind of idea you will end up with sweatpants! lol

So I created this gift guide with hopes of helping all of us clueless people get through this gift giving season.  I feel that most of these gifts are pretty neutral and could be given to any type of guy at any age.

1. Hawkings McGill Mercer Vest stylish, warm and good for all ages.
2. Vinyl Records are the perfect gift for the music lovers and they can be cost effective at the right record store if your on a budget
3.Element Duffle Bag for the guy that packs their backpack with clothes
4. Gucci Guilty what guy doesnt want to smell good? this scent is AH-MAH-ZING
5. A grown up wallet and this Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet is simple and classic
6. Dopp kit for toiletries guys need while traveling or even if they're just super organized
7. Skincare essentails Jack Black facial cleanser for even tone and clear skin

What have you gotten the guys in your life?

Hugs and Love :)