Friday, November 30, 2012

Fitness Friday #4: Snack

      Whether your a meat eater, vegetarian or just on the path to eating healthier this quick snack is perfect for anyone! Instead of going for the bag of chips or the ice cream in the freezer, I opted for a bagel with hummus and avacado. 

Their are so many benefits from avacados besides tasting great and being the best source for vitamin E (protects against disease) it also helps lower cholesterol and aids in weight control. 

I toasted the bagels and then used the hummus as a spread. If you dont like hummus you can substitue it with cream cheese and use half and avacado cut into fours.  Top it off with some black pepper and your snack is ready to eat.

You can always use the other half of the avacado to make a hair mask for healthy and moisturized hair, just add some greek yogurt, coconut oil and an egg with it.  Apply it to damp hair and place a plastic cap over your hair for about 15-20mins. Shampoo and style as normal.

I hope you guys find this helpful and if you try it out let me know!! Oh and sorry about the bite in the bagel lol, I didnt think to take the pic unitl after i had eaten some. :-/

Hugs and Love :)

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  1. Everyone makes avocado look SO good. I just don't care for it & I wish I did. Maybe I'll try different recipes with it.
    I do use it on my hair though from time-to-time.


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