Friday, April 27, 2012

April Showers

Hey guys!! The month of April really hasnt been full of rain showers (at least not in the DC area) but within the past week or so the much needed rain for all of us allergy sufferers has come.  Honestly speaking, I was not prepared for it as far as rain gear goes.  I have my trusty rainboots that are kinda old and beat up and a Safari jacket that I use as my makeshift raincoat, but thats about it.

I ran across these outdoor jackets that would be perfect for those rainy days!!

Buying your dog a raincoat from Barney's would be kind of ridiculous but how adorable is fido in this pic?? :)
                                                               Dog rain slicker

Hope you guys are staying dry!! :)

Hugs and Love


  1. this post is totally relevant to the UK we've had showers and rain for the past week!

    Chi-Chi x

  2. It's been pouring in the UK (been getting flood warnings o__o) I like the Michael Kors trench :)

  3. The rain really sucks especially when your ready for clear skies and warm weather!! But its def an allergy relief lol


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