Friday, August 23, 2013

Fitness Friday | Sh*t Yogi's say...

Happy Friday!! Whoo hoo! I could have sworn that it was just mid July and now its late August..seriously ? Anyone else feel like life is moving way too fast and your not even buckled up yet? As for the fitness friday posts, lets just blame the lack of these Friday features on the summer and hope for more when the fall gets here.

Im sure you guys remember when the "Shit so-and-so says" was popular on YouTube and there was literally a video for everyone?! Well somehow I wasn't aware about Shit yogis say until recently when my friend sent me the video in a text. Apparently she thinks this describes me well..haha!!

I will agree with 75-85% of these things lol but being a yogi is a way of life, I cant turn back now!

Any other yogis out there that can relate? Let me know!


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Curly Hair Day!!!

If you didnt already know...Im a curly girl! One of the best decisions Ive made in my adult life. Although my hair has never been chemically altered from the age of 18 my hair was always flat ironed, which lead to crazy amounts of damage. When I turned 23 after I had died my hair I realized I needed to make a change in my hair's health and the curly girl in me was born...again.

Anyway back to the reason for this post. Wear your hair curly day is to help support The Willie Mae Rock Camp in which Garnier is donating $20,000. Being able to support young girls become more confident and build self esteem is such a great thing!

The Girls Rock Camps build self‑esteem, encourage creativity and help girls find their voice and become their best selves through music education and performance. At the camps, girls form a band, learn to play instruments, write songs and then perform in a rockin’ concert. Learn more about Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls here.

Sign the pledge HERE and wear your hair curly today! IG hashtag #WearYourHairCurly

....and if your interested in learning more about my hair story click here! :)

Hugs and Love :)

*not a sponsored post

Thursday, August 8, 2013


I dont know about you guys but my favorite time to shop is sale time!! With alot of stores preparing for fall and winter fashions this seems like the best time to get those great deals!  I usually love end of season sales because I  can get that item I was eyeballing at the beginning of the season now for alot less and its the perfect time to be ready for next spring/summer.

Untitled #16

These are just a few items that are on sale that I love.  Those trousers are definitely coming home to me!

Belted Trousers 
Lonely Hearts Tunic
Stack Rings
Funktional City Shawl

Check out Need Supply's online sale where everything is an extra 40% off!

Monday, August 5, 2013

I just want a Picasso...

I literally have no words to describe this film other than amazing! This is why I love Jay Z..its genius!
Saw this on Malibu Mara' s blog and thought it was so great I had to share it!