Thursday, November 29, 2012

Protective Style Challenge

I hate to say it, but I'm not sure if I cant make it until Feb with only protective styles. As much as I want to complete it, its only week two and Im fresh out of ideas and resorting to top knots and hats is getting boring. 

When I started "embracing" my natural hair a little over two years ago I found that wash 'n' gos were the best thing for me.  I tried protective styles every now and then to see what would work best for my hair, but everytime I went back to wash 'n' gos no matter what season it was.  Now before you shake your finger at me and say that the winter months are the harshest for hair because of the lack of moisture in the air, I figured as long as I keep my hair well moisturized and protected some of the time then I'm good...right?

Granted, I know that my hair health could probably exceed expectations if I did properly protect my hair in the colder months, I guess I just need to force myself to remember the benefits and put all else to the side.  I did however start finger detangling my hair and I notice a huge difference in how much less hair comes out as compared to when I detangled in the shower with my Ouidad comb. It does take a while to finger detangle but it def helps in the long run!

I think I just need to find a protective style that looks good and I can get used to because Im a big hair girl. Do you guys have any suggestions for protective hair styles I could use that will help make this challenge a little less challenging?

Hugs and Love :)


  1. I've found that wash 'n go's are my go to natural style too. It's easiest & my hair loves the moisture. I'm glad to see you are participating in the TGHBPSC too. Can't wait to see your styles & results at the end of 3 months!

    1. are you struggling with the protective styles as well?? what do you think is the easiest style to do?


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