Friday, May 30, 2014

Whats in my purse?

You ever look at another woman's purse and wonder what she may have in it? If they have carry the same things you have? Or maybe that extra plastic spoon you keep at the bottom of your of your purse is just something you do?!

I teamed up with Credit Card Insider and some other bloggers to share what exactly we have in our purses. Since I change bags frequently I like to make sure to keep the contents as simple as possible and easy to transfer between bags. Below are my essential items! 

I got my bucket bag from Zara a few months ago and I love it so much! Its the perfect size to fit what I need and more and goes with everything!  My wallet is 3.1 Phillp Lim for Target that I also use as a clutch for nights on the town. 

I tend to have a million and one different things going on in my head so I write them down in my journal that I take everywhere with me. Some people say why not just put it in your phone so you wont forget, but its something about writing those ideas and thoughts down and having them forever thats appealing. 

Next up...the small things that play big roles. My Burts Bees lip balm, They're Real mascara, Sephora Lipstick in charmer, Apple earbuds and my travel charger from J.Crew are very important functioning components for my day to day life. Oh and mints! Lol Im pretty sure the small things are the common thread amongst us women and our purses. 

So tell me, whats in your purse and does anyone else have a plastic spoon in there? 

Hugs and love :)

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mother's Day | Gift Guide

Mom. The ones that brought us into this world and filled our lives with love. They are also the ones that threatened to take us out of the world when we were younger if acted up lol.  Either way our moms are our worlds and we love them. 

(click the pic for the entire video, its hilarious!)

So what do give a mother that has everything? For me its always kinda tough trying to figure out what she would actually want and/or use.  My mom for instance isn't really demanding, picky or expensive when it comes to gifts but if she doesn't like it you can definitely tell. 

Mothers Day

1) A bottle of her favorite wine with a bottle stopper (here)
2) What Mom doesn't like a new purse?  Michael Kors Bag
3) My Mom loves tea and teapots! This teapot has a loose leaf tea infuser, its perfect! (its on sale here!)
4) Her own personal at home spa day ( love this etsy shop!)
5) Tell time in style with a simple yet classy two tone watch. Kate Spade 
6. If all else fails you can always get her beautiful flowers :)

Have you shopped for your mom yet? What did you get her?

Hugs and Love :)

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Spring has finally showed her pretty little head and I am out of my winter funk and my forced hibernation mode! With the current break in weather, I was inspired to swap out my cold weather clothes with more weather appropriate items like dresses!! 

During this swap I realized that I have a ton of dresses and I never realized that I had so many that still had tags on them. I clearly have a problem and I think I might have become a dress hoarder. YIKES! So I came up with the idea to post the days that I wear a dress for two reasons, 1) I will kinda force me to wear these dresses, especially the ones with the tags still on them smh and 2) I will have more things to blog about! So its a win win!! :)

What do you wear alot of during the spring?

Dressy hugs and love?