Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Hey guys, happy Tuesday! I know how Mondays can be and most people dread them so I hope that today is much better.  Im usually up while most people are still dreaming for work and most mornings if coffee isnt in my hand within an hour of me being awake I am one grumpy goose.

My weekend was pretty good overall. My brother was home for fall break from school and even though I was still recovering from my crazy cold I didnt let that get the best of me and I always have fun when he comes home. Since my cold was in the finals stages I decided to bring out my Ruth shoes from shoemint.  This was my first time wearing them and let me just say that I loved every minute of it. They are just so nice to look at when your walking lol.

I paired the shoes with neutral colors, i.e my fall uniform and thought that the pop of color was perfect. It gives basic pieces a little more jazz with a hint of classy.

| H&M trench(old) | H&M blouse | Zara Pants | Shoemint Ruth Shoes |

Hugs and Love :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

fitness friday #2

Happy Friday!! I hope you all had a wonderful and productive week. This cold I have almost got the best of me one day but I made it through and its almost out of my body, Im just waiting to get my voice back totally.

A few weeks ago I did a fitness friday post on a few easy yoga poses that you could do in the morning. This week I wanted to share this post-workout chart that I found, because like many people I was totally clueless about what I should be eating after my workouts.  Usually after my workouts I would always have protein whether I just finished doing cardio or weights, which isnt completely bad but I also wasnt replenishing the fluids that I lost.  

I hope this helps for those who arent quite sure what to eat after workouts. I like anything having to deal with exercise and becoming a better and healthier person so if you would like to see more fitness posts on healthy foods and/or exercises just let me know :) Remember always drink water!

Hugs and Love :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Product haul!

Happy hump day guys! Im still under the weather though, praying that I get better soon and trying to rest when I can.  I guess this change in the weather caught up with me.
Anywhoo I bought a few items over the past month and I decieded to share what I got before I put them away. Is that sad that I've kept them in the boxes that they came in for a month? The first box I got is from sephora. I had been looking for a facial scrubbing brush for a long time and came across this one on the website. Ive used it a few times and I really love it! The brissles are really soft and it helps the appearance of pores on my face and also help face circulation. The fresh sugar lip balm duo set was a beauty insider bday gift and the bare minerals matte foundation was a freebie but I must say that I do like it alot!

Back in September I started hearing alot about the Miss Jessies Pillow Soft Curls styler, and because they had free shipping with no minimum I couldnt pass it up. I have used it several times and it def makes my hair super soft and my curls are still defined but alot more free.  Im not sure how it would be on other curl types and patterns but on mine it worked well if you dnt want too much hold.

Last but not least, a few posts ago I wrote about Clinique and their BCA campaign. I bought the chubby stick mostly because of the breast cancer affilation and donation, but surprisingly I liked the product alot more than I expected which made buying it even better! If you still want to you have until Nov 15 to buy your chubby stick and help support breast cancer.

Do you guys have any new products?

Hugs and love with a box of tissues :)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Mondays...we meet again

Morning guys! Can i be honest and vent a little bit? Thats what blogs are for..right? Well this morning....SUCKS! I started getting sick over the weekend but thought I had a slight handle of it. I had medicine and went into vitamin c overload to boost my immune. Heres a fact about me, i HATE being sick and any sign of someone being sick im 100ft away with sanitizer on deck! So anyway, I wake up this morning not totally feeling 100% but I figure by tomorrow I would be. All that changed when I started feeling dizzy and the next thing I knew I was calling earl, smh. TMI?

I had so many different plans on what I wanted to write about today until this sick experience took a turn for the worse.

Heres a pic I took when I was feeling better hoping I get back to that real soon!

Sick hugs and love :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Polish

Happy Thursday Guys!!! One more day until the weekend, Whoop Whoop!! :)

Fall has always been my favorite season mostly because of the beautiful colors that come with the season and it makes everything feel so warm.  Im really loving these polishes for the fall and if I could wear them all year long I def would :)

Fall Polish

Hugs and Love

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Good Morning guys!!

I feel that our eye lashes sometimes get neglected and should be properly taken care of like the rest of our face. Keeping our eyes (lids & lashes) well moisturized will be so beneficial in the long run because the eyes are the windows to the soul right?

I have noticed that with me I have seen a definite difference in the length and fullness of my lashes.

I recently I got two mascaras because I lost my favorite one and the only thing I really wear is mascara and eye liner.

On the left eye I used the Julep Volumizing Mascara (JV) and the right I used Avons Super Drama Mascara (ASD).  The julep mascara's formula is alot thicker and tackier than avons mascara and I noticed that the ASD did add length to my lashes but not so much volume and the JV mascara did both but I felt that the formula was too heavy.  I do however like the brushes for both mascaras and the way that the combed through my lashes. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Good cause

Hey Guys Happy October!!! Wasnt it just September?? sheesh!
Anywhoo, its Breast Cancer Awareness month and during this month I always try to buy something that will help aid and support in the funding of research for breast cancer. Clinique currently has a Pink with a Purpose campaign that started on 9/15/12  and goes through 11/15/12.

Clinique is donatating $3 from the purchase of this Limited Edition Chubby Stick to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, plus you get a pretty pink carrying case with a heart-shaped charm puller with Pink Ribbon! Get it now and recieve free shipping until Oct. 6!

plumped up pink chubby stick $16

Lets try to put a stop to breast cancer! Click the picture to get yours.

Hugs and Pink Love :)