Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Hey guys!

Its a gloomy and rainy Tuesday which is kinda making me miss my bed, but nonetheless a pretty good day so far.

My usual hair style is wash and go simply because its just easier for my to maintain and I dnt really have time to redo twist-outs and braid outs everyday. Last friday I was kinda over my wash n gos and decided to switch it up. The plan was to do a flat twist-out and bantu knot the ends to have more bouncy and defined curls. The end result was twisting my front twists back and pinning them all up into a low bun.

Its a great protective style and perfect for those lazy days when you dont feel like doing anything to your hair. I just spray my hair with a moisture spray and put my scarf on.

Im thinking I might take out the twists tomorrow, so if I do I'll def post a pic for you guys :)

Hugs and Love :)

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