Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Warby Parker review | Guest Feature

An unwanted week of rain and overcast days didn’t stop me from wearing and trying out two of the Warby Parker shades.  I had 5 days to look at some aspects of two of their products, the Winston and Jasper sunglasses.

Starting with the negative—just to get it out of the way and focus on the good—I noticed that the glasses were a little small, in terms of width and in actually reaching snuggly behind my ear. Perhaps it was just the size that they chose to send for the free home try-on but regardless, it was a somewhat disappointing factor to deal with. It was mostly the Jasper that felt too small, more suited for a woman’s face.  The second issue was with the feeling of the glasses themselves. I have a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses that I wear almost exclusively and they are pretty much the best pair of sunglasses I’ve ever owned—not to say that the Warby Parkers didn’t feel solid, they did, however in comparison they would not be glasses I spend over $100 on.

Now on to the positive. Although they don’t seem like shades worth the Ben Franklin in my pocket, they are nice quality glasses that I would probably pay $40 or even $50 for. This is understandable, because similarly to TOMS shoes, Warby Parker gives a pair of seeing glasses to someone in need for every pair that you purchase and it would make sense that you also cover the cost of their providing glasses for a deserving individual. The Winston are glasses that I would gladly wear as an alternative to my Ray-Bans. They fit better than the Jasper and it is a style of frame that seems familiar yet different enough to look unique. Both pair’s lenses are a deep orange color that I actually like and they both have a slight ombre effect, however one wouldn’t notice unless wearing them.

Overall, Warby Parker produces fine quality sunglasses and as a plus they make them right here in the USA, more specifically in New York. They are a close second to Ray-Bans for me but don’t let that stop you from considering them as your choice of eyewear providers. They have a wide variety and assortment of pairs to look at on their website and are generous enough to let you spend 5 days with any 5 pairs that you like…for FREE. So be sure to give them a shot, you may or may not be disappointed, but it’s a shot that won’t cost you.

Warby Parker "Winston" Sunglasses

Kenzie: In a previous post I stated that I picked two pair of men's sunglasses with my at home try-on program for my brother to give an opinion on as well so Im super thankful to him for taking the time to do this! 

...and if anyone needs a graphic designer let him know and check out some of his work HERE

Hugs and Love :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday Talk....

This is a super random post but this Magna Carta Preview commercial gets me excited every time I see it.

What happens when you get the dream producers, Swizzy, Pharrell, Timba, Rick Rubin and Jay all in one room? Genius' at work and Im sure that this album is going to be AMAZING!

Are you guys excited to? lol

Hugs and Love

Friday, June 14, 2013

Fitness Friday #10 | Cranberry Cleanser

If you couldnt tell by now with all these fitness friday posts, I am a health nut! Anything having to do with improving health and wellness I am obsessed over.

About a year ago I deceided that I wanted to start jucing and making my own smoothies just so that I could get the nutrients that I was missing. I came across the Simple Green Smoothies website at that time and that jump started my change with easy recipes and their 30 green smoothie challenge. Below is one of there smoothie recipes called the Healing Cranberry Cleanser.

Friday, June 7, 2013

5 Pairs..5 days!

With the recent blazing temperatures and the blinding sun I have found myself on a search to find another pair of sunglasses.  The sunnies that I currently wear are the Ray Ban High Street, but with me being an accessories junky just one pair wont do!

I do alot of my shopping online (especially at work...shhhh!) and buying sunglasses that suit your face are kind of hard to find on the internet. A while back I randomly came across an Eye wear website called Warby Parker where they have a Home Try on program. You pick up to 5 pairs of glasses, whether they be sunglasses or RX glasses (without the prescription of course) and you have 5 days to wear them out and about, get opinions on them and see what works best for you. The best part of the program is that its free to try!

I chose 3 pair for women and 2 pair for men for my brother to try out!

Winston (Men)

Jasper (Men)

I put this pic on my instagram and these were my favs..I dnt think I can stay away from Tortoise framed glasses haha!

So if your in search of a new pair of sunnies I would suggest trying it out and with every pair of glasses purchased 1 pair will be donated to a person in need. I absolutely love 1 for 1 campaigns!! :)

Hugs and Love :)