Monday, November 26, 2012

Is your love big enough?

So this post is long over due seeing as though this show happened nearly three weeks ago, but nevertheless its still worth talking about and sharing :)
For the most part I think Lianne La Havas might be known in the curly girl and natural hair community for her beautiful hair and her amazing music is a great bonus.  I will admit I hadnt listened to her music until shortly before I found that she was coming to Alexandria, I just admired her hair.  My brother on the other hand had been listening to her for quite some time and was being somewhat selfish about sharing her music with me.

Realizing that her having a show that was so close to me I just had to get tickets, it was only right since all of her other shows seemed to be in Europe.  Seeing her perform live is something I think everyone who is a fan of her music should experience.  She sounds amazing in person and her performances grab your attention the entire time. I didnt think to bring my camera so I did what I could with my phone.

This picture kinda sucks lol  My brother was mid gum chew and I look overly excited haha, but she was incredibly sweet and such a great talent. With the intimate venue and the great music it made for the perfect ending to my weekend. Ive never been to nor heard of the Birchmere in Alexandria before this but after my experience I would definitely go back!

Hugs and Big Love :)

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