Thursday, July 15, 2010

natural hair and a pug :)

ok so im trying this new thing when i wear my hair the natural way which is kinda curly after i wash it. i usually flat iron my hair after i wash it but i was kinda tired of putting so much heat on my hair and i was being lazy at the moment so i didnt feel like doing it haha!! So it worked out, but anyway i was sitting outside with my dog and did what i do best...take pics lol and my doggie was apart of this wonderful photo shoot! :)

im also looking for good products to use in my hair to keep the natural curl. Something that wont weigh my hair down but would last for the entire day. Have any suggestions? Please let me know i would greatly appreciate at :)

Until next time which hopefully will be soon!
Curly hair, Hugs and Love!!


  1. just stumbled upon ur blog! very cute! and i love ur hair :)

  2. i definitely think your hair looks amazing curly and you should keep it that way :))

  3. thanks alot :)i appreciate it and i started following both of you and ur blogs are amazing!!!

  4. u look beautiful n ur hair looks love it

  5. Your doggie is too cute hahaha. : )

    God bless!!!!

  6. No problem lovely lady!!!!

    God bless!


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