Thursday, September 30, 2010

These streets will make you feel brand new

Wednesday I fell in love with a city. The lights, the buildings, the craziness and oddly enough the traffic )haha probably because i wasnt driving) :) The cabs are definitely accident prone and on a mission to get where ever they need to be. Going to a city thats bigger and busier than DC you would think would be overwhelming but i enjoyed every minute of it. Maybe because Im somewhat used to the fast pace of life already that that was only a small change.

When we got out of the tunnel I saw a city waiting to meet me and the feeling was mutual. With soooo much to see and only having one day there to use i tried my best to see all that I could and make the best of it and taking all the pics that my phone would allow. (sidenote: i need to invest in a new camera..asap)

Concrete Jungle

SOHO!!! the Zara there is amazing :)

In central park wasting time :)

The 67th St. side of central park

LOL! random guy doing yoga on the sidewalk

After the walk through Manhattan we went to the abc studio to be in the audience of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" lol my aunts idea but fun none the less. The show I was on airs on Nov. 29 so be on the look out haha! We left NY around 7, i was kinda sad to be leaving because i didnt see all that I wanted to but who can see all of NY in one day? So I will be back sooner than later to experience the rest of the city where dreams are made!

Next stop Connecticut...

Hugs and Love :)

oh yea! I saw Mos Def walk past us while i was in the car...i almost lost my mind! lol i really dont act crazy when i see "famous" people but its MOS DEF!!!!! he is a lyrical genius and his style is AMAZING!! *sigh* i shoulda jumped out the car gave him a hug and then went on about my business lol o well maybe next time :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010


On September 18 the world was blessed with jk i wont do that, but Sept 18 was my birthday YAY! lol and for the most part it was pretty enjoyable :) It didnt start out that way alot of things happened the day before and i kinda gave up on bday plans, but i figured its my bday weekend the weekend that ive been waiting all year for lol and i wasnt gonna let some foolish situation ruin it :)

So friday night i went to my friends house and had some pre bday shots..that somewhat cleared my mind and then around 12am i was off to meet my friends in Va!! I was super excited..i havent seen them in sooo long and going from spending almost everyday with them for the past 4 years to not seeing them in months was gonna drive me crazy.

Our drinks they were definitely yummy :)

LOL idk what this face is caught off guard i guess but that was my bday dessert :)

Sunday was my little cousin's bowling party (me and him have the same bday!) and the Sept babies got a bowling pin :) i felt like a huge kid but the love from my family was amazing and the fact that everyone came together to celebrate bdays made my heart smile!

I thank God for being able to celebrate 23 years on this earth and having the family and friends that I do are priceless!!

23 bday hugs and Love :)

oh yea the pink shirt im wearing is my dad's old levi shirt lol ive had this shirt since i was in elementary school because he didnt want it and its funny that im big enuff to wear it as apart of an everyday outfit dad been wearing pink since the 90's waaay ahead of his time in fashion :) i guess i get it from him

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I must admit...I'm a Bag lady

Fall is literally right around the corner (*waving*) and its time to find that perfect bag or bags in my case! haha I have a sick obsession with large bags that can hold my entire ive started on this intense bag search journey that I'm pretty excited about...Urban Outfitter always has really nice bags different sizes, colors and textures and the alot of the prices on the bags are around $58 but with my current "low funds" situation i have to find other places to find affordable bags! I was thinking about going to Filene's Basement which is a bargain store that has pretty great finds..i love bargains by the way but who doesnt...and if I find something thing there ill share it with you guys :)

I am an Avon and Mark Rep and I was recently browsing through the brochures and came across these wonderful fall bags and I am definitely going to buy 2 of them I can't wait! I have some pics of them just in case you guys are interested and I'll add a link if you want to purchase them :)

"i'm no slouch bag" $32 CLICK HERE!

"gather around bag" $30 CLICK HERE!

"lock and chain bag" $30 CLICK HERE!

"tasseltastic bag" $28 CLICK HERE

So guys until i update you with my Filene's Basement Adventure good luck finding you Fall Bags and if you like any of the above bags just click on the link :) Thanks

Hugs and Love :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

I gotta find Peace of mind

As I sit on a "cliff" trying to clear my thoughts, that Lauryn Hill song plays in my mental ipod. The weather was amazing and the slight breeze seemed to take all my worries and problems along with it. Im up there all and at peace...a feeling that I havent felt in a long time.

While I was up there I decided to catch up on my reading, which is currently "Eat Pray Love". I figured i read the book before I saw the movie but at this rate the movie wont be in theaters anymore lol. So i read about 5 pages and put the book down because I got a text (note: when trying to find peace NEVER bring your phone or at least put it on silent lol) and between the texts and me taking pics of the amazing view I soon realized that the reading thing was not gonna work. But I think just taking in everything worked alot better than reading anyway :) I really love transition weather..idk i guess its just calming! Not too hot and not real cold and the breeze is like a personal massage its def one the healthiest things ive done for myself in a while and I need to do it more often!

You guys kno I have to take pics..its just what I doooo! lol

These women are apart of a rowing group called "We can Row"in DC and they are all breast cancer survivors :)

Some random guys about to go out into the water

My book and fav pair of moccasins :)

The view from where I sat..what an amazing and breath taking thing!
Its amazing that my phone can take these pics lol

Hugs and Peaceful Love :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

my hair has consumed my thoughts...

I must admit that i havent always treated my hair with the respect that it deserves. I am blessed to have hair that doesnt need much maintenance (or good hair to some people lol) and i think that I abuse that privilege. So for the past month and a half I have been making the effort to take care of my hair and making it healthy. Believe me that long hair is not all its cracked up to be and not knowing exactly what to do with it is a job itself (but i guess everyone struggles with this :-/) but anyway I wash my hair about once a week because it gets oily fast and every other week ill keep it curly (natural) to minimize the heat i put on my hair. This small step seems to be working well and my hair just feels better. I also change the products that I use because all shampoos are not good for all types of hair regardless if it says it on the label or not.

I did some research on how to get and maintain healthy and growing hair and products with mineral oil are not good and the food that you intake as far as diets effect you hair as well. Eat healthy and your hair will reep the benefits :) Coconut oils and olive oil conditioners are good for scalp stimulation. I also read that washing your hair every week is perfectly fine and that average hair grows about 1/2 inch every month and if it is taken care of properly then you will be able to see the growth!

In august I told myself that if my hair grew down to my tail bone then i would cut it off and donate it :) My friend said he would cut his dread if i did my hair but idk how truthful he was lol but regardless of that I will cut my hair if it got to that length. Currently my hair is to the middle of my right where my bra strap is! So ill keep you guys updated on the growth of my hair!!

Hugs and Love!

Oh yea my dog update!
Hes doing pretty well and his stitches come out next week!! Exciting! Im just glad that he is better and that he is still here with me! :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stressful isnt the word

I think this has been one of the most hectic weeks of my life...

For about a week and a half my dog hasnt been able to pee fully it would drip out and you could tell that he was struggling with getting it out. So on tues (8/31) i took him to the vet to see what the problem was. She said that it could possibly be a bladder infection but she was gonna stick a catheter(sp?) in there to make sure (sounds painful right? dog was like oh no thats not goin up my wee wee lol) but it wouldnt go up all the way so now things are getting worse and she calls an animal hospital and says that he is gonna need SURGERY!!!

At this point im getting scared because idk what to expect and if it the news i get at the animal hospital is gonna be worse. My father and i get to the hospital and the doctors take my dog in the back to do some blood work and x-rays. They found some stones in his bladder and stones that looked like they were tryna pass through but got stuck which caused his pee to drip out. The doctor also said that because he is a pug and the breed as a whole has breathing problems and my dog happens to have it worse than other pugs. This surgery requires him to have anesthesia and the doctor was telling me this horrible story about a pug that stopped breathing while he was having surgery!! in my mind im like WTF lady why would you tell me something like this and there is no other alternative as far as removing the stones!! At this point im ready to take my dog and RUN out the door but i know that i cant because i want him to get better.

His surgery was the next morning and i was scared out of my mind...i prayed every minute i could and didnt sleep much because it was so much on my mind..the thought of possibly losing my dog was one of the scariest things i have been faced with in a very long time. At 230 i got a call from the hospital and i didnt know what to expect....they said that everything went well and that he was in a oxygen cage to help his breathing!! :)) I was so excited and glad and thankful and extremely blessed!! My dog was about to come back home and I couldnt want anything more :) Prayer def works especially if you do it every wakin minute lol all i could say was thank you God.

Hes walkin around the house and throwing up his leg to pee like he doesnt have stitches in lol but as long as he is better then im happy lol i know that this is a long post but hey i had to share this moment lol so thanks for lending you eyes :)

Hugs and Love from me and my dog!!