Sunday, December 1, 2013

Its the most wonderful time of the year

Happy December guys!!! I have a love hate relationship with this month, the reason being that me and being cold don't get along but I absolutely LOOOOVE the holidays! The smell of fresh cut Christmas trees, hot chocolate with marshmallows, holiday decor and snow on the trees makes my soul happy!  Although this time of year can be a tad bit hectic and crazy to begin with it slows and the quality time spent with family and friends is priceless, and I find that the older I get I could really care less about the material things that comes with the holidays but there's more meaning to it and I fully appreciate it. 

Its also time for protective styling in which in the past I kind of struggled with because I would run out of ideas for my hair besides top knots and two french braids with a hat thrown on top. So for my curly and naturals out there do you have any suggestions as far as protective hairstyles? I will also try to share the styles that I do come up with and feel free to do the same :)

Ive been wearing this twist updo for the past 5 days. Its really easy to do and is a great protective style!

Hugs and Holiday Love :)


  1. great do! and cant wait for christmas too.

  2. its cold but spending time with the family is the best part haha! That's my love hate relationship with december - ya looking cute by the way :)x


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