Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Guys!!

I hope everyone enjoyed and is still enjoying their Christmas!! Stay beautiful and blessed bloggers!!

Oh yea i didnt forget about the Natural Hair blogger post..ive chosen a winner lol and the post will be up soon!! Until then...

Hugs and Holiday Love :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holey moley jeans!!

Ok soo for a while now ive been contemplating on whether i should try a DIY project for you guys to do on your own. Im kinda bored now so i figured why not? lol

a few months back i had a pair of light washed jeans that i hated because they were so plain and i didnt want to give them away because they fit well and my friend gave them to me.... so i figured why not destroy them and make them look better :)

1. jeans (of course)
2. scissors
3. tweezers
4. sandpaper (optional)

Step one
take the front of one the pant legs and fold parallel to the jeans (the long way) and use the scissors to cut a horizontal line i would cut at least 3-4 lines along the fold about an 1/2 inch to a 1 inch apart


Step two
after you cut the lines in the jeans use the tweezers to pull out the blue thread. White thread goes horizontally and the blue thread goes up and down. Continue to pull out the blue thread until the entire section that was cut it complete

once all the the blue threads are out the end result should look like this!! :)

Although it is kinda cold outside and the jeans might not be conventional for the weather i would put some lace tights underneath the jeans!

DIY's are a really cheap and fun way to upgrade something that you already own. So have fun and if you try it out let me know how it works out :)

Hugs and Love!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Natural Hair bloggers

Ive been thinking for a while about acknowledging bloggers that have natural hair whether it be straight, curly, kinky, long, short. Whatever you hair looks like as long as there is not chemical enhancers used i want to acknowledge YOU!!

During the summer i embraced my natural hair which is curly and it felt great! Although i have never used a relaxer or perm in my hair flat ironing it constantly was damage enough and it felt like my hair wasnt growing as long as i wanted it to. Taking care of natural hair isn't always the easiest thing to do but it is def well worth it. I have come across several blogs that have given amazing pointers as o how to take care of your hair and what products to use and not use through experience. Alot of these tips helped me out alot and i figure if i pick a natural hair blogger once a month that i feel has the ability to impact others with their knowledge of natural hair then it will be worth the search!

If you guys have any nominees on who should win this month let me know :)

Hugs & Love!
my curly up-do!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

when boredom hits...

...i take pics!! lol enjoy
bang bang

Note: Change is constant, how we experience it and handle it is up to us :)

Hugs & Love

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Sitting here realizing that something as small as a smile can make a HUGE difference in someone's life especially if they arent having the best day. It takes little to no effort to do and makes you feel good :) So if you dont do anything today..just smile!

Friday, November 26, 2010

live from new york

Monday went back to the city i fell in love with..New York and it was even better than the last time :) Saw alot more and this time my bro and dad were there. This trip was for my brothers bday and i got tickets to see Late night with Jimmy Fallon. Really dont have many words to say or describe the feeling other than LOVE...I took OD pics sooo enjoy :)

My dad and I amongst the crowd
Radio City
The paparazzi was following me..ha!

Saw Late Night withJimmy fun

Me and my dad at Rockefeller Plaza Skating Rink
me and my bro :) happy bday
Radio City lights
Time Sqaure at night

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Being a better me

a while ago i was at church function and i noticed a blind man in the congregation. I had never seen him before so i decided to sit with him after church when they served food just to talk. He was a really nice man that knows someone else in my church and thats why he decided to come. He seemed to care about alot and i guess when you have a handicap you learn to appreciate the small things in life and not take things for granted. Everything he talked about he described as "amazing" or "wonderful" from the sermon to the baked chicken that was served after the service. :) i really love when i meet people like that positive about life and always seeing the good in things. Negativity takes way too much time and effort i'd rather just be happy and if things dont go right then move on and know that something good will eventually happen. Patience is a key. He made me look at my own actions even though i already try to be appreciative I could always improve it and not always get upset about small things. Things could always be worse and realize that someone else's struggle is worse than your own!
"We should look at the world through blind eyes and learn to appreciate the small" -Me

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so lets be thankful for everything that we have and the be thankful for all the negative things that have left our life! :)

Hugs and Love!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Runaway as fast as you can

its something about this mini film that makes me want to watch it over and over. I have always been a Kanye fan from day one with college dropout and i feel that the harsh spotlight that he is currently under has to be hard from saying Bush doesnt like black people to the Taylor Swift incident. No one is perfect he admits that he is far from it and that his actions are spur of the moment reactions as aposed to thought out actions.

This comeback is long over due but greatly appreciated and im sure all Kanye West fans feel the same :)

Hugs and Love!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

idk about diamonds but pearls are my bestfriend!

Pearls...classic and beautiful! Ive been wearing pearls for about 4 years and i am in love with them. All the shades and unlike other trends in fashion pearls will always be around..whether long strands double strands or your classic short necklace its all beautiful and fitting for whatever outfit your wearing.

I really think every girl should own some pearls whether its earrings or a necklace the simply beauty will make you not only look beautiful but feel beautiful as well :)

Have a wonderful day guys

Hugs and Love!

oh yea!! my shoes came i was sooo excited ive been waiting for them for get here for a week and im still wearing them even though im not goin anywhere! lol


Religion plays a big role in not only my life but society. Whether the religion of choice is christianity, islamic, jewish etc. it is still a belief system in a higher power. When people start off religious or believe in something and then all of a sudden stop because..."people in church are hippocrates" or "its nothing but evil people in church anyway" kinda upsets me because they let others peoples choices or ways effect their own views, especially people that claim to be "individuals" but let something like hippocrates influence you life or choice. First no one is perfect and believing in something higher than yourself has nothing to do with others...its all you...what you feel is right and not what the people around you are doing or believing. Granted the reason you probably have some sort of faith or belief system is probably from family members but its up to you to know whats right and what wrong and to know the difference when it comes to letting certain things influence your life. Not saying that everyone has to believe in something but dont blame you lack of or declining beliefs on someone else.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh nana...whats my name

this song is really catchy and i like rihanna as an artist..her live performances kinda suck but shes cool nonetheless and i was always a fan of her music this song seems to going back to her style of singing when she first came out and i like it :)

Rihanna-Whats My Name from Jake House on Vimeo.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Such a N.E.R.D

I listened to some of the album today and i must say i liked the tracks that i listend to. I know for N.E.R.D fans the release of this album has been a long awaited one. I found some pics of their performance in Boston with the Gorrilaz on Oct 6.



Check out the album!! i also posted a few songs at the bottom of my blog for you guys to listen to! Enjoy!

Hugs and Love :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

the end

October has come and gone.

Keeping myself busy, but bloggin always has a special place in my heart. I always have these random moments when the thought of my mind seem to consume my life. Alot of the time these thoughts come right before I fall asleep so im up all night and insomnia and worry invite themselves into my bed. So doing other things during the day help to get rid of whatever it is or was thinking about the night before. Its seems as though i might be running away from my thoughts but is this the right thing to do? They arent bad thoughts they just seem to come at the wrong times (like when im trying to sleep lol) i guess my mind never really sleeps and at night when there are little to no distractions of the world to occupy my mind my own thoughts come in with alot to say lol.

"The moon will illuminate my room and soon im consumed by my doom" -Kid Cudi

Today is Halloween and it has changed alot since i was little. Children dont even get dressed up like they used to anymore they just walk around with a bag or pillow case lol and expect candy! My neighborhood doesnt even get trick or treaters anymore..and i always thought that we would no matter how old i got but things change. Not one trick or treater i almost forgot it was halloween. My niece went to the White House to trick or treat she was minnie mouse and she was soo excited about her costume!! And of course my dog was a pumpkin lol :)

so October ill see you next year around the same time!

Hugs and November Love!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm falling..

Hey guys!! *waving* the weather is amazing and I know I know I have def been missing in action for a while :-/ i have missed you like crazy. Oddly enough ive been super busy and tryin to find time to blog was hard.

I recently went to a Fashion and Beauty expo at the DC convention center and there were several kiosks about maintaining you hair, health and beauty inside and out. Lately I have been hearing alot about Keratin treatment for hair and alot of celebrities are getting this treatment.

The treatment is to help restore hairs keratin and to make your hair stronger and longer and less frizzy. There were a few people at the expo talking about keratin and the benefits of using it. There is a product called liquid keratin which is a safe at home product that could be used by anyone and eliminates the expensive salon treatments that has formaldehyde in the ingredients. So anyway they were allowing people to sign up to win the products and do an at home video diary showing how well the products worked. I signed up i figure why not, my hair does pretty much whatever it wants its frizzy one minute and calm the next and ive been trying to find products that make my hair stronger and healthier. Long story short THEY PICKED ME!!!! lol im super excited and i hope and pray that its everything that they said it is! I will def keep you guys updated on how well it works and have before and after pics when it arrives :)

my doggie i thought this was the cutest sweater

Bored took a pic curly fro lol


Until next time :)

Hugs and Love!!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

These streets will make you feel brand new

Wednesday I fell in love with a city. The lights, the buildings, the craziness and oddly enough the traffic )haha probably because i wasnt driving) :) The cabs are definitely accident prone and on a mission to get where ever they need to be. Going to a city thats bigger and busier than DC you would think would be overwhelming but i enjoyed every minute of it. Maybe because Im somewhat used to the fast pace of life already that that was only a small change.

When we got out of the tunnel I saw a city waiting to meet me and the feeling was mutual. With soooo much to see and only having one day there to use i tried my best to see all that I could and make the best of it and taking all the pics that my phone would allow. (sidenote: i need to invest in a new camera..asap)

Concrete Jungle

SOHO!!! the Zara there is amazing :)

In central park wasting time :)

The 67th St. side of central park

LOL! random guy doing yoga on the sidewalk

After the walk through Manhattan we went to the abc studio to be in the audience of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" lol my aunts idea but fun none the less. The show I was on airs on Nov. 29 so be on the look out haha! We left NY around 7, i was kinda sad to be leaving because i didnt see all that I wanted to but who can see all of NY in one day? So I will be back sooner than later to experience the rest of the city where dreams are made!

Next stop Connecticut...

Hugs and Love :)

oh yea! I saw Mos Def walk past us while i was in the car...i almost lost my mind! lol i really dont act crazy when i see "famous" people but its MOS DEF!!!!! he is a lyrical genius and his style is AMAZING!! *sigh* i shoulda jumped out the car gave him a hug and then went on about my business lol o well maybe next time :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010


On September 18 the world was blessed with jk i wont do that, but Sept 18 was my birthday YAY! lol and for the most part it was pretty enjoyable :) It didnt start out that way alot of things happened the day before and i kinda gave up on bday plans, but i figured its my bday weekend the weekend that ive been waiting all year for lol and i wasnt gonna let some foolish situation ruin it :)

So friday night i went to my friends house and had some pre bday shots..that somewhat cleared my mind and then around 12am i was off to meet my friends in Va!! I was super excited..i havent seen them in sooo long and going from spending almost everyday with them for the past 4 years to not seeing them in months was gonna drive me crazy.

Our drinks they were definitely yummy :)

LOL idk what this face is caught off guard i guess but that was my bday dessert :)

Sunday was my little cousin's bowling party (me and him have the same bday!) and the Sept babies got a bowling pin :) i felt like a huge kid but the love from my family was amazing and the fact that everyone came together to celebrate bdays made my heart smile!

I thank God for being able to celebrate 23 years on this earth and having the family and friends that I do are priceless!!

23 bday hugs and Love :)

oh yea the pink shirt im wearing is my dad's old levi shirt lol ive had this shirt since i was in elementary school because he didnt want it and its funny that im big enuff to wear it as apart of an everyday outfit dad been wearing pink since the 90's waaay ahead of his time in fashion :) i guess i get it from him

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I must admit...I'm a Bag lady

Fall is literally right around the corner (*waving*) and its time to find that perfect bag or bags in my case! haha I have a sick obsession with large bags that can hold my entire ive started on this intense bag search journey that I'm pretty excited about...Urban Outfitter always has really nice bags different sizes, colors and textures and the alot of the prices on the bags are around $58 but with my current "low funds" situation i have to find other places to find affordable bags! I was thinking about going to Filene's Basement which is a bargain store that has pretty great finds..i love bargains by the way but who doesnt...and if I find something thing there ill share it with you guys :)

I am an Avon and Mark Rep and I was recently browsing through the brochures and came across these wonderful fall bags and I am definitely going to buy 2 of them I can't wait! I have some pics of them just in case you guys are interested and I'll add a link if you want to purchase them :)

"i'm no slouch bag" $32 CLICK HERE!

"gather around bag" $30 CLICK HERE!

"lock and chain bag" $30 CLICK HERE!

"tasseltastic bag" $28 CLICK HERE

So guys until i update you with my Filene's Basement Adventure good luck finding you Fall Bags and if you like any of the above bags just click on the link :) Thanks

Hugs and Love :)