Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm falling..

Hey guys!! *waving* the weather is amazing and I know I know I have def been missing in action for a while :-/ i have missed you like crazy. Oddly enough ive been super busy and tryin to find time to blog was hard.

I recently went to a Fashion and Beauty expo at the DC convention center and there were several kiosks about maintaining you hair, health and beauty inside and out. Lately I have been hearing alot about Keratin treatment for hair and alot of celebrities are getting this treatment.

The treatment is to help restore hairs keratin and to make your hair stronger and longer and less frizzy. There were a few people at the expo talking about keratin and the benefits of using it. There is a product called liquid keratin which is a safe at home product that could be used by anyone and eliminates the expensive salon treatments that has formaldehyde in the ingredients. So anyway they were allowing people to sign up to win the products and do an at home video diary showing how well the products worked. I signed up i figure why not, my hair does pretty much whatever it wants its frizzy one minute and calm the next and ive been trying to find products that make my hair stronger and healthier. Long story short THEY PICKED ME!!!! lol im super excited and i hope and pray that its everything that they said it is! I will def keep you guys updated on how well it works and have before and after pics when it arrives :)

my doggie i thought this was the cutest sweater

Bored took a pic curly fro lol


Until next time :)

Hugs and Love!!!