Sunday, September 22, 2013


Where do I begin?  I guess to say that I am blessed would be a great enough start. Every year we look forward to birthdays to come, to get one year older and hopefully wiser. We get the opportunity to celebrate what is not always guaranteed to alot of people, so how do we make a difference in not only our lives but others for that next year?

A few months ago (maybe in July) I decided that I wanted to do 26 random acts of kindness leading up until my 26th birthday (Sept.18). One thing I didnt really do was keep track of how many acts I did which was kind of the point, and Im not sure if I finished the entire 26 but I will share some.

1. Unofficially adopted a tree
2.  Helped a woman in a rest stop pick up the items she dropped and let her get in front of me in line.
3. Threw away a guys trash for him.
4. Returned the carts in the Trader Joes parking garage.
5. Left a friendly note on a strangers car window
6. Bought 11 balloons for patients in a Rehab and Wellness Center
7. Returned a lost eyeglass case that was found by another person
8. Bought my co worker Chipotle (his fav)
9. Put a 'Take a Smile' paper in the elevator
10. Left a dollar on a vending machine.
11.Put my neighbors trash cans away on trash day
12. Complimented stranger on his attire.

I realized that I made being kind to others a habit and that even the small things like complimenting someone one how well dressed they are can make a huge difference! I hope that me doing these things not only impacted that specific persons life but also the people around that may have seen the random act of kindness and they also were kind to another.

If we all aspire to inspire the world one small act of kindness at a time and watch the positive change that can come from it! I will continue to complete the rest of my 26 RAK's and I will update you guys on my progress!

Hugs and Love :)