Thursday, January 24, 2013

Travel Day Gear

Seriously guys, what is wrong with me? No post since the 8th? Is it me or does it feel like this month JUST started and its almost over!

Anyway, with 1 more day until I kick this cold DC weather (thats barely leaving the 20 degree mark) to the curb and start my little vacay I realize that I am no where near prepared for this trip, which takes me back to my first statement...didnt this month just start?

The center of my travel day outfit are my camo pants that I got from Zara and my faux leather moto jacket from H&M.  I guess my only dilemma is whether I should wear my boots or loafers with the outfit. Seeing as though it is still cold up here I want to dress approriately but not over do it because the temperature will be around 80+ degrees where im going. I figure either way it would be TSA friendly and comfortable to wear on the plane its just a hard decision to pick :(

What do you guys think? Boots or loafers?

Shivering hugs and love :)


  1. I say loafers, I LOVE mixing prints. Plus you get the tough yet girly look at the same time!!!

  2. I was leaning towards the same thing!

  3. time really goes by superquick!! i love this look & i would go for the loafers :-)

    1. p.s. i love the little reminder (by MM)at the bottom of your blog!! :-) you have a new follower...


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