Thursday, July 21, 2011

Embracing the Natural...

So its been about a year since I decided to embrace my naturally curly hair I can honestly say that im glad that i did!! My hair was damaged from heat, dry and unhealthy. My curl pattern a year ago was more wavy than curly and extremly frizzy! After trying several products to see what helped my hair and what didnt i have found some great staple products and the search for even better products is never done.

Ive come to the conclusion that my hair was extremely THRISTY! dry wouldnt even be the word to describe it. I had got it into my mind that overly oily hair was bad and i didnt know the difference between that and moisturized hair. Today my curl pattern is and alot better than it was this time last year!

Happy I made this choice i love my hair more and more every day :)

Hugs and curly hair love!


  1. your hair is so pretty!!

    <3 jaz

  2. Oh my gosh it looks great!! Great progress =]

    Kimberly, FWB

  3. what products have you been using? looks great!

  4. @Shari thanks!! the porducts i use consitently are tresemme naturals shampoo and conditioner silicon free adn aveeno naturals as a leave in sometimes i alternate between ouidad, shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie and eco stlyer for stylin and curl definers oh and jojba and moroccan oils :)

    lol is that alot?

  5. while in high school i would always flat iron my hair. it was very rough on my hair so i started to stop,and since then my hair has been healthier then ever now i love my curls.


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