Friday, October 19, 2012

fitness friday #2

Happy Friday!! I hope you all had a wonderful and productive week. This cold I have almost got the best of me one day but I made it through and its almost out of my body, Im just waiting to get my voice back totally.

A few weeks ago I did a fitness friday post on a few easy yoga poses that you could do in the morning. This week I wanted to share this post-workout chart that I found, because like many people I was totally clueless about what I should be eating after my workouts.  Usually after my workouts I would always have protein whether I just finished doing cardio or weights, which isnt completely bad but I also wasnt replenishing the fluids that I lost.  

I hope this helps for those who arent quite sure what to eat after workouts. I like anything having to deal with exercise and becoming a better and healthier person so if you would like to see more fitness posts on healthy foods and/or exercises just let me know :) Remember always drink water!

Hugs and Love :)


  1. love your blog style i hope to follow each other if you want let me know


  2. This maybe random, but protein shakes seem to be very popular. But too much protein isn't good. And you're right, there are certain foods we should eat after a work out. GREAT POST!


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