Monday, October 15, 2012

Mondays...we meet again

Morning guys! Can i be honest and vent a little bit? Thats what blogs are for..right? Well this morning....SUCKS! I started getting sick over the weekend but thought I had a slight handle of it. I had medicine and went into vitamin c overload to boost my immune. Heres a fact about me, i HATE being sick and any sign of someone being sick im 100ft away with sanitizer on deck! So anyway, I wake up this morning not totally feeling 100% but I figure by tomorrow I would be. All that changed when I started feeling dizzy and the next thing I knew I was calling earl, smh. TMI?

I had so many different plans on what I wanted to write about today until this sick experience took a turn for the worse.

Heres a pic I took when I was feeling better hoping I get back to that real soon!

Sick hugs and love :)


Thanks for reading I really appreiciate it!!
xo :)

Love, Kenzie leigh