Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fall uniform

Happy Wednesday guys :) The weather has been alot cooler these past few days and I am so happy that its not humid! With the recent temperature drop, it has me thinking about fall and all the wonderful things that come with the season. My fall wardrobe will probably consist of alot of black white and gray so I created this fall uniform look of some items that I already have and some I plan to add (Michael Kors Hamilton Bag and the bowler hat). I will wear other colors but for the most part these will be my staples.

fall uniform

I've always loved this color combination and there is something so classic and chic about it to me that its timesless.

What will your fall uniform consist of?

Hugs and Love  :)


  1. My parents are enjoying the temperature drop while they're visiting me up North in college. Miami's heat shows no remorse! Lol, so I've been having Fall Fever, not even realizing that it was probably because it was "cool" here. My "Fall uniform" will probably be the exact same color scheme as yours. Lots of Black, for sure. Loving this overall look, especially the Tory studs & sweater.


  2. i love the bag and nice blog

  3. I'm in love with those outfits! I especially love the blazer and the black and white shoes! I already know the sweater is going to be my staple clothing for fall


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