Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Good Morning guys!!

I feel that our eye lashes sometimes get neglected and should be properly taken care of like the rest of our face. Keeping our eyes (lids & lashes) well moisturized will be so beneficial in the long run because the eyes are the windows to the soul right?

I have noticed that with me I have seen a definite difference in the length and fullness of my lashes.

I recently I got two mascaras because I lost my favorite one and the only thing I really wear is mascara and eye liner.

On the left eye I used the Julep Volumizing Mascara (JV) and the right I used Avons Super Drama Mascara (ASD).  The julep mascara's formula is alot thicker and tackier than avons mascara and I noticed that the ASD did add length to my lashes but not so much volume and the JV mascara did both but I felt that the formula was too heavy.  I do however like the brushes for both mascaras and the way that the combed through my lashes. 

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