Monday, February 14, 2011

Open Journal

Happy Monday!! lol Its the most hated day of the week yet im still happy and very thankful! Its also Valentines Day so you know what that means....candy,balloons, flowers, cards, gifts and food! lol Too bad im not getting any of those thing :( but i will be ok, the pain of this day is only temporary haha ok enough of the sad Vday talk. I had a wonderful weekend, kinda bittersweet. My friend that i met freshman year in college is moving away because she got a wonderful job offer and its where her boyfriend of 5 years lives as well. Friday we threw her a surprise going away party and she was bought to tears and was extremely happy that we did this for her and her boyfriend even came up to surprise her (aww how sweet right?) At the end of the night when we were all about to leave we were all talking and he came over to her and said that he loved her and got down on one knee and asked her to marry him!!!!! (crying as i type this) What a perfect way to end one chapter and start a new one. I love them both so much and i was literally waiting for this day to come :) It was a surprise to us all and im glad that i was able to share it with them! Im def going to miss her living close to me but our friendship wont be effected by this move...shes a life long friend and im blessed to have her as one!
So whether you have a Valentine, in a relationship or just living the single life, i hope that everyone enjoys their day and tell someone that you love them :) Do any of you guys have a Valentine or plans for today?
Happy Love Day :)

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