Friday, February 11, 2011


i think my hair is finally used to being in its natural state either that or its becoming healthier. Whatever it is i love it :) My curl pattern is more defined and it just feels different! Its funny because a year ago i wouldnt go anywhere with my hair naturally curly, now i can barely go a week with straight hair before washing it again and wearing it curly. This newly found acceptance for not only my hair but for myself is an amazing feeling. I took a few pics on Wed when i went to richmond to visit my bro at school. Enjoy!

Hugs and curly ℒℴѵℯ


  1. Your hair looks FABULOUS! Okay, I need to go through your blog and find out what your regimen is. My curl pattern is crazy inconsistent.

  2. thanks guys :)

    @ife' my curls usually do what they want this day was a good day lol!


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