Monday, March 28, 2011


I recently went to Sephora (one of my favorite places) i went to look for the OPI shatter polish but no luck and really didnt have any intentions on buyin anything else and then i saw this! FACE eye makeup remover they were selling it for a short time for $5 originally $10 so i got it! why not? it was half off and i needed something new to try for removing eye makeup! It works really well..most eye makeup remover that i have used in the past removes the makeup but also kinda smears it and leaves some behind making my eyes look like a raccoon. With FACE i really dont have to wipe my eye over and over to get the makeup off or use alot its pretty instant as far as removing goes! So if your looking for a new remover i would suggest this not sure if its still $5 but $10 isnt a bad price for this 4.22 fl. oz bottle! If you do get it let me know how it works for you :)
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  1. Hey hun!! You should def try olive oil as well for eye makeup remover! It works really well;)

  2. i never thought about using that and i def have alot of that in my house! lol thanks ill try it


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