Thursday, March 3, 2011

Open Journal: Forgive and Forget?

There have been several relationships in my life (friends, fam, etc) where i felt as though the relationship would last forever. Contrary to my thoughts i was proven wrong and the feeling of betrayal or even the fact that soemthing happened that you never expected would happen was strange. When it comes to me i dont trust easily and im pretty selective with choosing who i associate myself with. Ive been this way for as long as i can remember. I'm not one for drama or negativity but of course you cant always hide from it and it tends to find you no matter how much you dont want it to.

Im dont hold grudges. I really think they are pointless because while your wasting time begin angry at someone that person is out living their life not even thinking about you or your grudge. What happend in the past happend (probably for a reason) and theres not much that can be done to change the results of the hurt and loss of the relationship. Ppl always say its better to forgive and forget but is it really? I always forgive...who am i not to? But the whole forget part is kinda hard. I try not to let the situation get the best of me but i guess if totally forget about it then i will totally be free from it all. Im still trying to work on this forgetting thing but its hard when the person keeps popping back in your life randomly and you dnt necessarily want them back but dnt want to be rude (because your bigger than that..right?) and it seems like theres not much you can really do but just advoid them but thats hard when you live in the same city and have alot of the same friends and associates. I know that the relationship will never be the way it used to be not that i want it to be, and it sucks that things turned out the way they did but at the end of the day ive learned a lesson and it made me stronger. Not saying that i will put up a brick wall and refuse to open myself up to anyone else its just i now know what to do and how to handle a situation is arises again. :)

I wont let negative things hinder my life, keep going and keep growing!

Hugs and love

PS. I cant wait until the spring weather is here for good because these 35 degree days are killin me! lol

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