Wednesday, March 9, 2011

40 days

So today is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of lent! Ive picked a few things that i decided to give up for the 40 days and one of them is Pepsi!! lol Its def my weakness and im going to need all the strength i can get to make it through im def addicted to it but im sure after a few weeks of not having it ill be OK! (hoping and praying) But anyway are you guys taking part in lent? If you are what are you giving up? I gave up cussing last year and let me say man oh man temptation was always right behind me but i made it through :) Have a wonderful and blessed day!

Silly pic :)
Hugs and ℒℴѵℯ!

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  1. As I sit here and think about how awesome a fountain Pepsi with a light ice would be. Sheesh. I need to give it up too. :o[

  2. omg girl your like the first person i know who is like me. im addicted to pepsi soo much. as much as i want to i cant stop. but i have faith that you can do it. ive done it before, but it still doesnt stop the love of pepsi i have.

  3. lol i literally go slightly crazy if i dnt have it and them calm down once i drink it lol...i might need help but the first step is admitting it right?

  4. I decided to give up SODA, which includes PEPSI! Let me say this process has been very hard! Keep the faith everyone!!


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