Friday, March 18, 2011

Whats in the barney bag?

the stuff in my purse that i cant live without!! So usually my purse is considered "the barney bag" which consists of alot of random items ranging from socks to napkins to the essentials :) and below are the essentials..the things i transfer from on purse to another and go every where with me 8 key items (well 10 because i always have a bottle of water and some candy) i cannot leave home without!

(*=pictured items)

1. Lotion!! dry hands are the worse thing to me and them being ashy is a no no lol.
*Avon moisture therapy hand cream
2. Sun glasses! The sun hurts my eyes so i usually always have a pair of sun glasses with me :)
*Ray Ban "High Street" sun glasses
3. Mascara..a quick fix to any everyday look to jazz it up..this mascara works pretty well i normally have cover girl lash blast but i ran out :(
*Avon super extend mascara
4. Lip balm kinda like dry hands i absolutely despise chap lips..i alternate between lip balms and carmex works well with dry lips and helps heals
*Blistex Silk and shine with SPF
5. Perfume hey a girl has to smell good and sometimes when im in a rush i forget to put something on
*travel size parfum Flowerbomb Viktor & Rolf
6. Hand sanitizer need i say more?
*target brand Up and Up
7. Wallet a girl needs money and i never liked folding my money so this 3 section flat wallet is wonderful and my mom gives me little notes that i keep in my wallet :)
8. KEYS...gym membership store keytag...ℒℴѵℯ keychain :)
*Coach keyring

Welp those are the things i travel with daily!! A little look into my life i suppose..what do guys always have with you that you cant live without?

Hugs and ℒℴѵℯ

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