Sunday, March 13, 2011


Happy Sunday to all! Im currently at work..i usually dont work weekends but hey its money! Fact about me: if making money is involved you can usually find me there lol its tough out here...closed mouths dnt get fed right? If im blessed with the opportunity to work then i will take advantage of that :)

So its not much to do here today so im chillin and tweeting and blogging which i really havent seemed to have enough time to do, partly because im busy and i really havent had much to say and working with no inspiration to blog about is kinda tough. I do try to get on here everyday and read what you guys have to say :)

I took a few bathroom pics lol (dont you just love those?) when i went to get something to eat and i wore this outfit to church this a.m but had on different shoes and came to work after!

Mens cardigan Zara, Zara belt, BDG jeans Urban outfitters, F21 oxfords

Nothing real special just felt like sharing :) I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their day!

Hugs and ℒℴѵℯ


  1. Cuteeee! Love the outfit and the shoes. Im bout to check F21s website now!

  2. Those shoes are sooooo cute!

  3. Such a chic look, the shoes are just amazing!

  4. Cute look! OMG!! I just love those shoes! I've never seen those at Forever21...must go looking now!


  5. thanks!! im glad you guys like my shoes..i got them back in dec tho so im not sure if they would still have them


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