Monday, January 24, 2011

hair hair...everywhere

GM bloggers!! Im currently at i probably shouldnt be bloggin but its early and no one is here. I took a pic of my big hair lol its looked like this for 3 days without me co-washing it to define the curls more. The diffuser i bought is the answer to me frizzy hair prayers! if you guys could see my curly hair and compare them from a this past summer to now you would think i stole someone elses hair haha! ok maybe im being a little dramatic but you can def see a difference! not that my hair texture was horrible before but if you have ever suffered from frizzy hair that seemed like it would never go away you will understand where im coming from! but anyway enough about my hair epiphany haha!!

Hair this morning...i shook it and left lol

my hair last night
I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed day :)

Hugs and Love!!


Thanks for reading I really appreiciate it!!
xo :)

Love, Kenzie leigh