Friday, January 14, 2011

"life lessons from the ocean water...

...the waves will pull you out further before they take you back to shore.”

Back in the summer of 2008 i was home from school and back to working at Zara. Mostly everyone there i already knew except this one beautiful face lol. He was the new cashier in womens and some new eye candy to have at the store! He introduced himself as soon as i got there, "Hi im Davon!" *reaches out to shake my hand* he was from Baltimore and was a Kappa at Howard University, after that intro we became friends fairly quickly. It surprised me how friendly he was, and how he talked to everyone he met. We would playfully flirt back and forth and he would call the mens department to talk to me even tho i was literally 10 steps away haha. We even played tic-tac-toe when he would walk back and forth doing stock checks :) it was fun and everything about him was so positive!

He would always ask me " When you going to the movies with me?" and me being me i would always put it off until one day we both worked at the same time and got off at the same time so we walked down the street to the theater to see Hancock with Will Smith. He talked my head off the entire movie trying to get to know me better lol but that was just his character. When the movie was over we walked to the train station together and talked some more about random things. I told him my middle name which is Mckenzie and ever since then he would yell it really loud and would sound like a an elderly southern lady that was looking for her teeth lol. I've never really liked my middle name but for some reason i decided to tell him (go figure) and him calling me Mckenzie didnt bother me. The rest of the summer we kept up with our regular work routines playing games on the receipt paper and calling each other, that summer at Zara was definitely fun because of him. I went back to school in august and we texted occasionally after i left. The next time i saw him was that winter back at the same place we met, it was random but i was glad to see him. We walked around as he looked for something to buy from j.crew and went to Dean and Deluca after, we caught up a little bit and then went our separate ways after those few hours of just chillin in the cold. We continued to randomly text each other and then we kinda just stopped. Toward the end of 2009 and early 2010 we got in contact again he told me that he got a new job as the manager at childrens place and a moved somewhere out Maryland and wanted me to come visit. We made plans to do so but it fell through probably because of me but i dont remember exactly why. The next time we talked i was back at school and was feeling bad that i didnt get a chance to see him while i was home.

I want to say that Feb was the last time that i talked to him. Today i found out that he died. I tried to find everything to disprove that it wasnt the same Davon, it couldnt be!! But it was and i was crushed and what made it worse was that he died a while ago on a trip to Cancun. I had no idea no clue that he hasnt been around for that long. I was on twitter when someone said "I started livin my life differently and opening up and loving more people when Davon died." I sat there and looked at the tweet for a while thinking " No!! cant possibly be the same Davon i know" I looked on facebook to see he had any new posts but his wall was gone i looked on twitter and his last tweet was on March 14th..but this still wasnt good enough i needed to know how? when? where? and then i googled his name. It was true the news did a report on his death stating that he drowned on a trip to cancun during his spring break. The tears started to flow down my face as I watched the news story i started to think about everything we did or said to each other and the fact that i havent talked to him in almost a year. I guess i just figured that he would always be around and that is what is making this so hard for me..the fact that i our friendship kinda fell through the cracks and i didnt see him when he wanted me to. This really hurts. The quote in the title that goes to the top on the post was one of his last tweets and i cant stop crying. I would randomly think about him when i passed a childrens place or something else that would remind me of him not even thinking that he could have passed away. That was the furthest thing from my mind but maybe it shouldnt have been. Maybe i should have treated each day with everyone that i know as the last i will ever see or talk to them because the feeling that i have right now is one of the worst ive felt in a long time.

So please take advantage of everyday and make sure you keep in touch with those important people in your life that have made a difference or impacted your life in some way! I am happy that i got a chance to have known someone who was full of positive energy and a great outlook on life.

"If you admire somebody, you should go 'head and tell em', people never get the flowers while they can still smell em'" -Kanye

Hug and Love everyone as often as you can!!!

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