Friday, January 28, 2011

a little red

I begged for these shoes for christmas lol..i thought they were the cutest shoes..and ive never seen anyone with them on ( i like being different) but anywhoo i am in love with these shoes, they're water proof stylish and comfy triple win on that one!!! the pics of my outfit are just to show what i wore the shoes with because it was kinda hard to figure out what to wear with the shoes but i made it work the Zara pants are brown plaid and have a red stripe in them and i thought that went well with the shoes. I usually dont do "what i wore" post but when i get a great shoe i have to share the look :) hope you guys like it!

White button up, Zara pants, Zara belt, Target fur vest, Sporto duck shoes, Pashmina silk blend scarf


Thanks for reading I really appreiciate it!!
xo :)

Love, Kenzie leigh