Tuesday, January 11, 2011

it heals my soul

a five letter word that can do so much...MUSIC

Currently listening to Soulmate-Natasha Beddingfield...volume to the max drowning out my thoughts and negative vibes. With music I have a chance to travel to my own world where everything is perfect, the worries of reality and problems of the day dont exist and I am at peace.
All the things that troubled me no longer do as the words of the song seem to match the emotion and feeling that I was having, letting me know that "...I'm not the only one..."

Next on the playlist...Teach me a lesson-Robin Thicke, A lil bit-Drake feat Lykke Li and Starstruck-Santogold. Three totally different songs and yet it is still a smooth transition from one to the next...the beats make that place in my mind thats HECTIC and OVERWHELMED calm and carefree. Music is a drug gets me and lets me forget about my lows. Cheers-Rihanna and Sacred Temple-N.E.R.D gives me happy feet lol and then dancing becomes my thang! even though I have to sometimes be considerate when it comes to my family and them not necessarily wanting to hear the same music im listening to lol, i cant help but turn it up louder so that I can feel the music through my body!

Peace Happiness and Sanity from my speakers to my soul :)

Hugs and ℒℴѵℯ!

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  1. I agree music is so powerful, I never heard of Soulmate until the post I just looked it up on Youtube and its beautiful thanks for introducing me to it!


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