Friday, September 10, 2010

I gotta find Peace of mind

As I sit on a "cliff" trying to clear my thoughts, that Lauryn Hill song plays in my mental ipod. The weather was amazing and the slight breeze seemed to take all my worries and problems along with it. Im up there all and at peace...a feeling that I havent felt in a long time.

While I was up there I decided to catch up on my reading, which is currently "Eat Pray Love". I figured i read the book before I saw the movie but at this rate the movie wont be in theaters anymore lol. So i read about 5 pages and put the book down because I got a text (note: when trying to find peace NEVER bring your phone or at least put it on silent lol) and between the texts and me taking pics of the amazing view I soon realized that the reading thing was not gonna work. But I think just taking in everything worked alot better than reading anyway :) I really love transition weather..idk i guess its just calming! Not too hot and not real cold and the breeze is like a personal massage its def one the healthiest things ive done for myself in a while and I need to do it more often!

You guys kno I have to take pics..its just what I doooo! lol

These women are apart of a rowing group called "We can Row"in DC and they are all breast cancer survivors :)

Some random guys about to go out into the water

My book and fav pair of moccasins :)

The view from where I sat..what an amazing and breath taking thing!
Its amazing that my phone can take these pics lol

Hugs and Peaceful Love :)


  1. that is amazing that your phone takes those pics. I love that transition, too. It brings this light feeling that I love and never want to leave. Today was so beautiful! I took my daughter outside to play and I swear she would've stayed out there forever if she could. The breeze felt sooo good. Sitting there on the porch and watching my daughter play in the yard was so relaxing and honestly I didn't want it to end.

    Great blog by the way! ^_^

  2. nice photos Kenzie!
    thanks for visiting my blog :)

  3. @Stewvell i totally agree its something about the serenity of it all :) thanks for the comment!!

    @StylisHedForeVer thanks for visitin my blog as well :)urs is pretty fabulous

  4. Neighbor, this is dope ;-)........Pics are niiiice.

  5. Great Post ! I know you'll enjoy it. xoxo


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