Monday, September 6, 2010

my hair has consumed my thoughts...

I must admit that i havent always treated my hair with the respect that it deserves. I am blessed to have hair that doesnt need much maintenance (or good hair to some people lol) and i think that I abuse that privilege. So for the past month and a half I have been making the effort to take care of my hair and making it healthy. Believe me that long hair is not all its cracked up to be and not knowing exactly what to do with it is a job itself (but i guess everyone struggles with this :-/) but anyway I wash my hair about once a week because it gets oily fast and every other week ill keep it curly (natural) to minimize the heat i put on my hair. This small step seems to be working well and my hair just feels better. I also change the products that I use because all shampoos are not good for all types of hair regardless if it says it on the label or not.

I did some research on how to get and maintain healthy and growing hair and products with mineral oil are not good and the food that you intake as far as diets effect you hair as well. Eat healthy and your hair will reep the benefits :) Coconut oils and olive oil conditioners are good for scalp stimulation. I also read that washing your hair every week is perfectly fine and that average hair grows about 1/2 inch every month and if it is taken care of properly then you will be able to see the growth!

In august I told myself that if my hair grew down to my tail bone then i would cut it off and donate it :) My friend said he would cut his dread if i did my hair but idk how truthful he was lol but regardless of that I will cut my hair if it got to that length. Currently my hair is to the middle of my right where my bra strap is! So ill keep you guys updated on the growth of my hair!!

Hugs and Love!

Oh yea my dog update!
Hes doing pretty well and his stitches come out next week!! Exciting! Im just glad that he is better and that he is still here with me! :)

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