Thursday, September 23, 2010


On September 18 the world was blessed with jk i wont do that, but Sept 18 was my birthday YAY! lol and for the most part it was pretty enjoyable :) It didnt start out that way alot of things happened the day before and i kinda gave up on bday plans, but i figured its my bday weekend the weekend that ive been waiting all year for lol and i wasnt gonna let some foolish situation ruin it :)

So friday night i went to my friends house and had some pre bday shots..that somewhat cleared my mind and then around 12am i was off to meet my friends in Va!! I was super excited..i havent seen them in sooo long and going from spending almost everyday with them for the past 4 years to not seeing them in months was gonna drive me crazy.

Our drinks they were definitely yummy :)

LOL idk what this face is caught off guard i guess but that was my bday dessert :)

Sunday was my little cousin's bowling party (me and him have the same bday!) and the Sept babies got a bowling pin :) i felt like a huge kid but the love from my family was amazing and the fact that everyone came together to celebrate bdays made my heart smile!

I thank God for being able to celebrate 23 years on this earth and having the family and friends that I do are priceless!!

23 bday hugs and Love :)

oh yea the pink shirt im wearing is my dad's old levi shirt lol ive had this shirt since i was in elementary school because he didnt want it and its funny that im big enuff to wear it as apart of an everyday outfit dad been wearing pink since the 90's waaay ahead of his time in fashion :) i guess i get it from him


  1. Happy belated b'day hun,wish u many more to come..May God be with you always


Thanks for reading I really appreiciate it!!
xo :)

Love, Kenzie leigh