Sunday, September 19, 2010

I must admit...I'm a Bag lady

Fall is literally right around the corner (*waving*) and its time to find that perfect bag or bags in my case! haha I have a sick obsession with large bags that can hold my entire ive started on this intense bag search journey that I'm pretty excited about...Urban Outfitter always has really nice bags different sizes, colors and textures and the alot of the prices on the bags are around $58 but with my current "low funds" situation i have to find other places to find affordable bags! I was thinking about going to Filene's Basement which is a bargain store that has pretty great finds..i love bargains by the way but who doesnt...and if I find something thing there ill share it with you guys :)

I am an Avon and Mark Rep and I was recently browsing through the brochures and came across these wonderful fall bags and I am definitely going to buy 2 of them I can't wait! I have some pics of them just in case you guys are interested and I'll add a link if you want to purchase them :)

"i'm no slouch bag" $32 CLICK HERE!

"gather around bag" $30 CLICK HERE!

"lock and chain bag" $30 CLICK HERE!

"tasseltastic bag" $28 CLICK HERE

So guys until i update you with my Filene's Basement Adventure good luck finding you Fall Bags and if you like any of the above bags just click on the link :) Thanks

Hugs and Love :)


  1. lovely bags..I would love the blue one lol..thanx for sharing

  2. i also like the blue bag lol...
    the "lock & chain" bag is really cute too :)


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