Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stressful isnt the word

I think this has been one of the most hectic weeks of my life...

For about a week and a half my dog hasnt been able to pee fully it would drip out and you could tell that he was struggling with getting it out. So on tues (8/31) i took him to the vet to see what the problem was. She said that it could possibly be a bladder infection but she was gonna stick a catheter(sp?) in there to make sure (sounds painful right? dog was like oh no thats not goin up my wee wee lol) but it wouldnt go up all the way so now things are getting worse and she calls an animal hospital and says that he is gonna need SURGERY!!!

At this point im getting scared because idk what to expect and if it the news i get at the animal hospital is gonna be worse. My father and i get to the hospital and the doctors take my dog in the back to do some blood work and x-rays. They found some stones in his bladder and stones that looked like they were tryna pass through but got stuck which caused his pee to drip out. The doctor also said that because he is a pug and the breed as a whole has breathing problems and my dog happens to have it worse than other pugs. This surgery requires him to have anesthesia and the doctor was telling me this horrible story about a pug that stopped breathing while he was having surgery!! in my mind im like WTF lady why would you tell me something like this and there is no other alternative as far as removing the stones!! At this point im ready to take my dog and RUN out the door but i know that i cant because i want him to get better.

His surgery was the next morning and i was scared out of my mind...i prayed every minute i could and didnt sleep much because it was so much on my mind..the thought of possibly losing my dog was one of the scariest things i have been faced with in a very long time. At 230 i got a call from the hospital and i didnt know what to expect....they said that everything went well and that he was in a oxygen cage to help his breathing!! :)) I was so excited and glad and thankful and extremely blessed!! My dog was about to come back home and I couldnt want anything more :) Prayer def works especially if you do it every wakin minute lol all i could say was thank you God.

Hes walkin around the house and throwing up his leg to pee like he doesnt have stitches in lol but as long as he is better then im happy lol i know that this is a long post but hey i had to share this moment lol so thanks for lending you eyes :)

Hugs and Love from me and my dog!!

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