Monday, November 1, 2010

the end

October has come and gone.

Keeping myself busy, but bloggin always has a special place in my heart. I always have these random moments when the thought of my mind seem to consume my life. Alot of the time these thoughts come right before I fall asleep so im up all night and insomnia and worry invite themselves into my bed. So doing other things during the day help to get rid of whatever it is or was thinking about the night before. Its seems as though i might be running away from my thoughts but is this the right thing to do? They arent bad thoughts they just seem to come at the wrong times (like when im trying to sleep lol) i guess my mind never really sleeps and at night when there are little to no distractions of the world to occupy my mind my own thoughts come in with alot to say lol.

"The moon will illuminate my room and soon im consumed by my doom" -Kid Cudi

Today is Halloween and it has changed alot since i was little. Children dont even get dressed up like they used to anymore they just walk around with a bag or pillow case lol and expect candy! My neighborhood doesnt even get trick or treaters anymore..and i always thought that we would no matter how old i got but things change. Not one trick or treater i almost forgot it was halloween. My niece went to the White House to trick or treat she was minnie mouse and she was soo excited about her costume!! And of course my dog was a pumpkin lol :)

so October ill see you next year around the same time!

Hugs and November Love!

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