Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Religion plays a big role in not only my life but society. Whether the religion of choice is christianity, islamic, jewish etc. it is still a belief system in a higher power. When people start off religious or believe in something and then all of a sudden stop because..."people in church are hippocrates" or "its nothing but evil people in church anyway" kinda upsets me because they let others peoples choices or ways effect their own views, especially people that claim to be "individuals" but let something like hippocrates influence you life or choice. First no one is perfect and believing in something higher than yourself has nothing to do with others...its all you...what you feel is right and not what the people around you are doing or believing. Granted the reason you probably have some sort of faith or belief system is probably from family members but its up to you to know whats right and what wrong and to know the difference when it comes to letting certain things influence your life. Not saying that everyone has to believe in something but dont blame you lack of or declining beliefs on someone else.


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