Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Being a better me

a while ago i was at church function and i noticed a blind man in the congregation. I had never seen him before so i decided to sit with him after church when they served food just to talk. He was a really nice man that knows someone else in my church and thats why he decided to come. He seemed to care about alot and i guess when you have a handicap you learn to appreciate the small things in life and not take things for granted. Everything he talked about he described as "amazing" or "wonderful" from the sermon to the baked chicken that was served after the service. :) i really love when i meet people like that positive about life and always seeing the good in things. Negativity takes way too much time and effort i'd rather just be happy and if things dont go right then move on and know that something good will eventually happen. Patience is a key. He made me look at my own actions even though i already try to be appreciative I could always improve it and not always get upset about small things. Things could always be worse and realize that someone else's struggle is worse than your own!
"We should look at the world through blind eyes and learn to appreciate the small" -Me

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so lets be thankful for everything that we have and the be thankful for all the negative things that have left our life! :)

Hugs and Love!

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  1. very touching but great post hun and yes I agree with what u say we should be thankful for everythn God has done&will do for us. We must never take life for granted. May God keep u safe lovely


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