Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday WishLyst

Hey guys! Happy Monday :)  I just wanted to create a small perosnal wishlist of somethings Ive been eyeing for a while.  I know this is the season of giving but hey, how will others know what to get you if you dont make a list of some sort?

I realized that I had been neglecting Lyst for a while so I decided to make my "Wishlyst". The items are pretty reasonably priced (except for the Alexander McQueen Jacket, but a girl can dream) and would be great for the current holiday season.


Whats on your Wishlist?

Hugs and Love :)


  1. Love these items. I need a gold watch, perhaps I'll get one next year.


    1. thanks!! i need a simply gold watch as well and this one hass a more toned down and classic look!


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