Monday, August 13, 2012


Im sure im not the only one who has a problem with trying to put their entire life into their bag that isnt big enough to hold even half of what you need for the day. 

My day-to-day bag  contents consist of my phone, keys, journal, daily devotion book, iPad, water bottle, wallet, hand sanitizer and sometimes a snack and my cosmetic pouch. Putting all that into a small bag kinda sucks and most times you wont get everything that you need and/or want into your bag.

I love tote bags because they are stlyish and big enough to fit your entire important world into it. I created a Lyst collection of tote bags that are pefect for busy girls who just need space for it all!

 my fav from my collection is the is the animal print shopper from zara and for that price its def worth getting!

Hugs and tote love :)

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