Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Smells good mmmm :-)

Yesterday while in Sephora (love this store) i decided to make a list of scents that I wanted to try, I love smelling nice..but who doesnt!?! I figure its a new season why not try something new...im currently wearing viva la juicy and ill switch from that to ferragamo incanto dream occasionally.

the scents that Im in love with are

Daisy - Marc Jacbos

Ange ou Demon - Givenchy

Flowerbomb - Viktor Rolf

These scents will def change your life..haha and are wonderful gifts for any female in your life :-) Oh! fun fact just in case you didnt know...au de toilette are cheaper which is a wonderful thing but the oils that are put in the perfumes doesn't not last as long in a toilette as it would if you bought au de parfum. Parfums may be more expensive but they last alot longer and it is well worth it! Get them from Sephora or www.Sephora.com

Wonderful Smelling Hugs and Love!!


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  2. Thanksss!! I like urs too I tried to follow you but you dnt have the link :-( fix it lol jk!


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