Friday, April 9, 2010

Twitter is a HELLUVA DRUG!!

So my internet obsession...guilty pleasure...bad Twitter!!! i need rehab like yesterday i try to quit cold turkey on my phone and that was one of the hardest things i have ever had to do..smh
Its crazy because i never thought i would create a twitter account and now hooked and there is no turning back. As i look back twitter has been there through those late and lonely nites makin me laugh
entertaining me always there to listen and even gave me some feedback...its like a relationship and i do all the talking! haha
I will never forget the day i met twitter...i was a breezy summer night and i was confused and kinda shy lol not sure of exactly what i should do or if i would even be excepted
but twitter was there for me with open arms walking me through the know hows! But im not the only one that has this problem and it makes me accept this addiction
eveyone whos anyone has a twitter account and is obsessed the same if not more than i am.

Inseparable since that day and always connected...twitter is my bad habit that i wont get rid of anytime soon!! So follow me on twitter @SimplyMe918 im off to tweet about something! hehe :-)

- Hugs & Love!! tweethearts

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