Thursday, July 8, 2010

its July now what?

Welp looks like my last post was in June and soooooo much has happened to me its ridic!!! lol ok maybe not but pretending never hurt anyone! haha! Oh btw i think this pic of me is hilarious and pretty at the same time (im weird) lol

but anywhoo i was in a car accident that totaled my car and currently has me stuck like chuck until the other insurance company finishes their investigation. I was rear ended so im not sure what they could possibly investigating *shurgs*. The 4th of July must have also been satans bday because it was hot as hell outside it was literally too hot to breathe smh and the AC in my house was BROKE!! the worse thing ever but luckily i was at my aunts house coolin.
The job search thing is pretty much it a "thing" but I signed up with a job site and got my resume out there sooooo hopefully everything will fall into place soon! Good things come to those who wait. Right? I know I havent always been the most patient type I have recently and have worked on prayed that I become more patient. Until i get a job i will continue to work on myself and try to become a better person and figure out exactly what i wanna do with this big thing called life!!

Hugs & Love!

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  1. Oh dear...glad you okay n didnt get hurt coz a car can be replaced but ur life is precious darling...nway jus be pattient very soon u will get a job...Keep on praying,stay beautiful n blessed


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